Four seasons quilt

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dr. Who quilt

Nothing like starting a new quilt. I was really pleased when my daughter brought me a whole heap of her old T Shirts and asked me if I could turn them into quilts when I had time. There were enough to make two quilts and then two T shirts left over which I am going to make into a bag. The first quilt is this one. A Dr. Who quilt. What a nice challenge and it’s great to know she’s picked up the recycling and upcycling habit. I went through my stash and I had plenty of fabric to blend into this quilt. I haven’t quite decided how it will look. I knew my first job was to stabilise all the T Shirts onto cotton fabric. I have done that now. There were 6 in all. I am pretty sure I’ll be highlighting some of those designs with hand stitched silver highlights. I now need to decide how the rest of the blocks and pieces will go. Such fun!  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Baby quilt pillow

I had quite a few scraps left over from my baby gamer quilt. I decided to make a baby quilt pillow to match and am well pleased with the results. I backed it onto flannelette and fancy stitched over it. It’s stuffed with fibre filler. I made a little loop in the corner so it can hang up or so little fingers can grab hold of the pillow when they grow bigger. It is all cotton fabric.  

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Lemon baby booties

These booties are very soft. They are made from nylon yarn which I have doubled so they are thick enough. They are from my favourite pattern of easy baby booties and the more I make them, the more I can see how useful but stylish they are. They are warm and homely. With different yarns and wools you can make all sorts of booties with this pattern and they are just perfect for a simple project which will fill in the time easily if you are stuck waiting or on a trip. They would match the baby beanie perfectly! These are 8cm from toe to heel so a bit bigger than newborn. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Baby gamer quilt

I have loved making this quilt. Baby quilts are fun because they can be so colourful and present a good challenge. I loved the Super Mario fabric I got for it and so it then became a matter of sorting through my stash to see what I had to match in. I found some big and small covered buttons and bits of tape of different sorts and it all seemed to work together once I got going. It is all cotton fabric and so will machine wash. It has polar fleece on the inside to make it warm and cosy and I backed it with some camouflage children's fabric which I had. I used the white to tone down the other colours a bit. Children like bright and garish bu tit was a bit too loud. It is also why I have used the batik print. It mixed nicely with the teddy fabric and just pulled all the noise into line. The new owners are really excited to be getting this tomorrow. They love it and that's the main thing. 

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Care for your handmades

My type of lady. Her needles and yarn go everywhere with her. She has some good tips for caring for hand made items. It is important. A lot of time and effort goes into making something. It's original and irreplaceable. These things need to be cared for. You can bring back the vibrancy into yarn and wool by using a two in one shampoo and a warm wash. It is also traditional to treat wool with a eucalyptus wash to keep away the moths and creepie crawlies. I prefer to store my yarn pieces with nice soaps. They smell lovely and they are protected from midnight feasters. If cared for properly , wool and yarn items will last for years. It is a matter of keeping the fibre in condition which is why I use the two in one shampoo and hand wash the items. Some people are making wool and yarn dolls and animals . There are some good tips here for specifically caring for those. 

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Entrelac scarf

This scarf came up on my Facebook feed and it looks really cool. It would be great in some of the hand dyed medley yarns. It's the sort of pattern where you can open up your ideas and play with some of the  yarns and wools on the market. It's not hard. It will require some patience to get started but the video by Very Pink is easy to follow and she explains it all very well. You can find the blog post about it on Craftsy and find some other projects to practise your newly acquired entrelac skills. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Blocking a jumper

I put up a post about blocking crochet squares. It is worth it for the finish and perfect shape. It makes the things you make look so much better . It doesn't take too long and it's not too hard. The puzzle mats are the best way to go because they are not expensive , can be pinned and are easy to make into bigger sizes if you need to do that. This video on blocking a jumper/sweater shows you how to block the  bigger pieces. you have created.