Four seasons quilt

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sock loom

I had no idea they had sock looms. I am not sure I want one and I haven't seen them on my rounds, but then again you often don't see what you are not looking for! I still haven't mustered the courage to knit socks. It is the heel part which is bothering me. I can do all the fancy stitches and DNPs and round needle knitting . It is the heel. I'd hate to knit socks and make stupid heels. I'll get there. You just have to keep feeding yourself the positives and then one day you sit there and wonder why it took you so long to get there. A sock loom might help? I am putting the video here so I don't forget to look out for them. 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Baby blanket

I have finished the baby blanket with matching beanie and am well pleased. I like the colours because it looks like it is for a baby but it is light and cheerful. I started with my afghans and then sewed those together and crocheted around those. I sewed the bigger blocks together and double crocheted around those. I included 3 rows of puff stitch just to create a bit of a change. I sewed white  polar fleece on as a backing because it is so soft and then double crocheted around the edge. The beanie is the baby beanie I blogged about and I used my new pom pom maker to make a colourful pom pom for it. I am happy with the colours and have had some good feedback on this. The squares for the blanket needed blocking so they would sit properly. It was worth it.  It is two and three ply yarn and a 3.50 crochet hook. The beanie was made from knitting tow strands of two ply together on number 10 (3.25) needles. Today the blanket and beanie go to their new owner. 

Monday, March 20, 2017

Pom pom maker

I was lucky enough to get a pom pom maker for my birthday which came in 3 sizes. it is very similar to this one. They are all much the same but some connect better than others. I used it for the first time yesterday and could not believe how fast it was to make a pom pom. I wound 3 strands at a time and it just went so quickly so I had a pom pom in less than 10 minutes. Not like the days with cardboard, awkward winding and testing my patience. These pom pom makers are quick and fun!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Super simple fingerless mittens

These mittens are priceless. They are quick, simple and a great way to keep the cold off your hands but still have use of your fingers. It would also be possible to pull your fingers and thumb inside of them and just have something to keep your hands warm. Since they are so easy you can make plenty of pairs quickly. Joanne has used garter stitch because it is thicker and warmer. You could make them in stocking stitch with a colour pattern. You need to make them first and then you'll work out how to change them. You could knit a bit of a thumb covering by picking up the stitches around the thumb gap and knitting a few rows. You could crochet around the edges to make them more decorative. It is simple patterns like this which allow you to be creative as you knit and succeed in producing something you can use. 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Adult cabled booties

VeryPinkKnits always explains things well and shows you exactly what you need to do in order to accomplish something. The Hygge feet cabled booties for adults would be warm and cosy and that's the point isn't it? Knit and nurture. You don't have to do the cables if you feel insecure about it. Knit the pattern in stocking stitch or another stitch you are comfortable with so you understand how you create the booties. Once you have done that you can focus on the cables. Without the cabling the booties will be less bulky and hence not as warm. That might suit you. With the cabling you will have lovely knitted booties for a cold winter's night. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Baby beanie

Baby beanies are great quick projects which use up odd balls of wool or yarn and they are the sort of thing you can tuck in your bag and make on the train, or while you are waiting to see the doctor. They are a very handy way to fill in down time. I was knitting this baby beanie as I sat and waited for the train and then on the train trip itself. I got quite a bit done. I am using plastic tortoiseshell needles because I found them the other day and I could remember my grandma using tortoiseshell needles. They used to be the thing. The advantage for me was they were light and silent. I don't need extra wait in my bag. I am using the pattern on Mama's Stichery Projects . She is using inches so you might need the inches to centimetre conversion on this site. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Crochet Finger Puppets

Crafty Chrystal shows you how to make crochet finger puppets and a cute little bag to put them in which acts as a prop in activities and story telling. I can't find any of the finger puppets I made for my daughter . I used to make them and ,like Crafty Chrystal's, grand niece she  would make up little stories and they would stimulate her imagination. They are easy to make and a great way to use up those odd bits and pieces you always get if you knit and crochet. 

If you prefer to knit finger puppets there are some great patterns on Pinterest here